The Process of Manufacturing Custom Gasket

You probably never know how to manufacture a gasket because all you know is that you need a gasket and the store provides the gasket for you. And what about custom gasket? Well, whether it is a gasket or custom gasket, the manufacturing process is the same where the manufacturing company is selecting materials for the gasket and custom gasket means that the company follows the client’s order and it can be different materials. Is there any method that the manufacturing company applied? Yes, this particular manufacturing company is currently offering three methods: the steel rule die cut (for tolerances STD +/- .031), the hand fabrication, and the water-jet cut (preferable for tight tolerances).

Among the aforementioned methods, the easiest explanation is probably the water-jet cut where the manufacturing heavily relies on advanced computer design and programming to fabricate the requested gasket. The water-jet cutting technology is using what the company refers as the strong stream of water to cut through the material for the custom gasket cleanly and precisely, perfect final cut and result without any damage. What about the die cutting gasket method? There are some details that the manufacturing company won’t share, but they refer that the die cutting gasket method is using their in-house tool and die shop.

The standard gasket according to ANSI is the standard ring and full face, but to fulfill the clients’ requests, the gasket manufacturing company offers cutting service for any gasket materials in the stocks can be provided. The thickness of the gasket is following the standard compliance and they are the 1/8” or the 1/16”; but for custom gasket, the thickness is adjustable based on the clients’ request. For the special gasket request, the company requires the clients to send them the details of the requirements, the material specifications, and the material thickness.