The Map of Bali

Quick question: why would need to have the map of Bali? Well, whether you decide to have vacation to Bali in the near future, there is nothing wrong with having the map of Bali so you know the hot spots of tourist destinations. You see, the map of Bali offers you the places that you should – more like must actually – visit especially if you have short visit although it seems very impossible to have short visitation to Bali as many tourists are decided to extend their vacation as they fall in love with Bali. So, what are the hot spots for tourist destination at Bali? What do those destinations have to offer? Let’s start with the capital province of Bali – Denpasar where your plan is landed and what this region has to offer is the way modernity and culture blend flawlessly.

The next tourist destination that you should visit is Uluwatu where according to the amateur and professional surfers, the beach at Uluwate has the most famous wave so no wonder this place is popular among surfers. According to the bali map, the beach at Uluwatu has what outside corner which only works with big swells around 8 feet and the lower tide, the better wave you can get. There are difference board recommendations to conquer the aforementioned wave, but you should at least choose the 7” board as this board has succession for long walls which perfect for carving and final tube. Getting meals at Uluwatu is easy as you can choose to stand in line of cheap food stalls with unique taste or having reservation at luxury restaurants, it is all up to you.

Visit Bali means you must visit Kuta as this is one of the most famous beaches in the world and do not be fooled with the sleepy and quiet village because the beautiful beach has sent invitations for tourists to swimming, surfing, or just laying lazy sunbathing. It is not that surprising that Kuta is also backpacker friendly as there are so many cheap hotels, motels, and even hostels for those who have limited financial ability in vacationing at Kuta. Do not afraid to ask around as the local people of Kuta is very friendly and kindly help you although you need to excuse them for their poor English accent. So, which part of Bali that you want to visit? There are many other places in Bali such as Kintamani, Gunung Agung, Nusa Dua, Seminyak, and many more – so make sure you have long vacation in Bali.