The Exotic Material Distributor

The title of this article might give you the chill because you might never hear about exotic materials before and even never think that there would be potential market segment for these unusual materials. Now, who needs these exotic materials? Obviously, there are different clients who are in need for this so called exotic material such as aerospace and marine because the primary reason why those fields are choosing to use the exotic materials is because those materials have their own level of sturdiness. So, what exotic materials that available right now? Well, it depends on how you want to use the exotic materials because different applications mean different material.

The exotic material distribution is currently offering these materials: aluminum, titanium/tungsten, stainless steel, super alloys, aircraft alloy steel, and copper/brass/bronze. Since the exotic material distributor has different clients, they also offer various product forms such as plate, sheet, flat bar, tubes, forging, castings, extrusions, roll forms, and many more. The aerospace alloys for example, it is specially designed alloys which only authorized to be applied on aerospace because these alloys are not just ordinary alloys as they have further designed and manufacturing in order to be able to stand the non-gravity environment in space.

Besides offering exotic materials and the production forms, the exotic material distributor is also offering processing services for the exotic materials. The processing services are including the barcodes, the sonic testing, the water jet cutting, the centerless grinding, the trepanning, the chemical milling, the saw cutting, and many more. Providing exotic materials as well as the production forms and the processing service is not easy as it takes of experiences and professional staffs. The years of experience paid off as this exotic material distributor is supplying exotic materials for different clients such as defense, commercial aviation, and space industries.