Recruitment as the Most Important Aspect of Human Resource Management

Human Source of information Management theories give attention to ways of recruitment and selection and point out the features of interviews, general evaluation and psychometric tests as staff selection functions. The recruitment process could be external or internal or may be online and will involve the periods of recruitment procedures, advertising, job information, resume process, interviews, evaluation, decision making, legislation selection and training Continue reading

Tornado Safety

Spring is just around the corner and already tornados are springing up around the country, including Texas. Tornados are a deadly weather event that are hard to predict and even harder to prepare for. If you live in the “Tornado Alley” part of the country, you probably have a storm shelter or cellar, but with climate change affecting our weather patterns, tornadoes can happen anywhere. While they aren’t nearly as easy to prepare for or protect yourself from as hurricanes and Continue reading

The Upside to Business Travel

Many people abhor journeying for business, although some only hate it when they are constantly on the highway as a highway warrior. They often times miss home, having their own familiar destination to stay, and home baking. Still, there are a variety of techniques for the business tourist that can make the best of touring for business. Going for business can also assist in vacationing for pleasure. While traveling, residing at hotels, and hiring cars you can be collecting commitment factors for future use. Which means that Continue reading