Fish Farming – Fortune For a Small Business

Fish Farming - Fortune For a Small BusinessSeafood is a very good source of protein, but its demand world vast is very high while supply is low. Seafood farming is therefore a way of bridging this gap and increasing the protein supply to the standard families who cannot find the money for the other expensive options.

Small companies can cultivate fish by using a cheap technology and low capital base. Manufactured ponds may be expensive for a major step: but using other methods like the Geepee containers could help to reduce cost. Geepee tanks are less capital-intensive; they are really moving and easy to maintain: they don’t require hard work setting them up or to clean them up. Several of them could be set up to look after the various sizes of fish.

Why should I go into seafood farming?

1. Fish is at high demand world large and the provision can hardly manage the high demand: Therefore going into fish farming promises to be a good source of earnings (both local and foreign)

2. It can be cheap to start out up: Fingerlings are affordable; Geepee reservoirs are not too expensive; their feeds are cheap. A bag of nourishes can last for many days and nights to a few several weeks.

3. Growth is very fast: Unlike other plantation animals that take several months or years to mature, fishes mature in a few months. The feed necessary to raise a kilogram of fish is lesser than that required to raise some other sources of animal necessary protein.

4. Help is available: Agricultural extension services are available in some areas to help provide the needed training/assistance to the starter, to permit him know the dimensions of the basic things to do to make his farm well managed.

5. They are non-destructive: These people own in are non-destructive; they do not by any means contribute to the destruction of crops/plants around them, unlike the goat, sheep, pigs, deer etc which destroy plants. Additionally, they do not damage the soil texture since they do not have hoofs. They only take up the space the place that the Geepee tanks are located.

6. Easy to control: Unlike the goat, lamb, cows, horses, etc, fish are incredibly easy to control as they continue in their habitat (tanks or ponds) and do not need to be driven from location to place. You no longer need to use sticks or makes on them before they tune in to instructions. You therefore obtaining sapped trying to control the fishes.

several. It is needed by everybody: Some religions restrict certain animals, but these people own in are hardly forbidden by anyone.

The use of fish is enormous thus rendering it a very good source of earnings for man. They are needed by restaurants operators, snack food makers, homes, biology labs, take out joints, hotels, cayenne pepper soup joints, etc, and as a global business model, you could supply seafood to any of the above-listed areas and make plenty of cash from them. The market cannot be completely exploited. Everybody needs seafood and you have to supply to these to meet their demand therefore you in turn generate profits from it.