Fire Sprinkler System

Not many people understand that as part of the first aid kid, they need to add some additional safety items such as fire sprinkler and/or fire extinguisher. Now, you can choose to have either or you can have both because most people do not know how to operate fire extinguisher and the fire sprinkler system is more easier to install and operate. Speaking about fire extinguisher, the reason why each house, apartment, or even public and private buildings should have the fire sprinkler system is because it is part of the first aid system against sudden fire accidents and most people are likely panick and run for their lives rather than have to open and spray the fire extinguisher.

There are so many fire sprinkler system companies out there and most of them are offering the same products and services, but what differentiate them is the quality of the fire sprinkler system, the installation process, and the maintenance. The fire sprinkler services are including the sprinkler inspections, 24H emergency call, bakcflow preventer installation, testing, and repairing. No matter which fire sprinkler system company that you choose, there are three sprinkler systems that you should know about and they are the wet, dry, and pre-action.

The wet fire sprinkler system is where the sprinkler system is full of water and it is very effective in putting out large fire incidents. As for the dry sprinkler system, the way it works is the system holds the air until the sprinkler head breaks which later cause the valve to open and sprays the water to put out the fire. What about the pre-action fire sprinkler? The pre-action sprinkler system has multiple steps which must occur before the water is released as this type of sprinkler is commonly installed in computer hardware stores. For residential and public buildings, the wet and dry is the most suitable choice.