Choosing the Hydraulic Hose Crimping

Many people complaint that they get confuse when they want to buy the hydraulic hose crimping because they do not even know what that is, they do not know how the hose crimping looks like, and they do not know which brand that they should choose. Well, you do not need to be worried because this is the ultimate and simple guide to choose the hydraulic hose crimping and before you get to know this unique machine, it is better to get to know what this machine does. Judging by the name, the hydraulic hose crimping is essential for those who run hose shop as this machine makes a great first or second line crimper.

The crimp diameters on the hydraulic hose crimping are controlled by a dial indicator where it allows for more precise and adjustable finished crimped diameters. The available hydraulic hose crimping machine brands are including the Aeroquip, Goodyear, Weatherhead, CAT, Marken, Stratoflex, Crimpmaster, Parker, Synflex, Gates, and many more. Despite the different brands, those crimping machine for hose are actually offering the same service which is the ability to crimp diameter of the hose with more precise crimping result.

The brand new hydraulic hose crimping can be very expensive and if you currently have limited budget, the secondhand version of the crimping machine should be enough as long as the hose crimping machine is still in good condition. For beginner, it is highly recommended to choose the hose crimping machine from Aeroquip because this particular brand has been successfully standing as the top quality hose crimping machine as it will crimp straight and elbow fittings on textile and wire reinforced hoses which have diameters around 3/16” up to 2”. Aeroquip is also designing its hose crimping machine to crimp fittings on Aeroquip Teflon and thermoplastic hoses. If money is not an issue for you, you should buy the brand new hose crimping machine so you can crimp the hose for years to come.