American Louver Style

At this point, it is very normal if you question the title of this article because for those who have been living in Europe for several years, it is a bit difficult to find the European style louver and ventilation. Now, the reason why we choose to discuss about American style louver is because it is as stylish as the European louver style and it is also has other features where features do not owned by the European louver. The American louvers are specially designed to meet the client’s requests and wishes because despite the available designs, the application for the louvers can be different due to the building designs.

Speaking about American louver, different companies are having their own designs although those designes are actually offering the same purpose. Some companies are categorizing their louvers into several categories such as architectural louvers which usually picked by interior designer due to the stylish design as well as its function. Here are some of the American louvers which you can choose: the combination louvers, the thin line louvers, the fixed drainable louvers (which also available in the fixed non-drainable louvers), the extreme weather loouvers, the adustable louvers, the acoustical louvers, the wind-driven rain louvers, and the penthouse louvers.

Is it possible to have custom made louvers? Well, it might be possible if you contact the louver company and it could be few companies which offered the custom made louvers because they already have their own design. Besides louvers, the company is also offering dampers, sunshades, grilles and screens, alongside with the repair and service. Designing the louvers is not as easy as it looks because the louvers need to be able to control the intake of light and air for both residential and industrial applications because the louvers are also part of important fire/smoke control system.