Advanced Geoscience Service

Not many people understand what advanced geoscience means and the simple explanation for this is a service where a manufacturer is using high-tech geophysical imaging system. Currently the advanced geoscience service is located in Austin – Texas and they have been offering geoscience service since 1987. What kind of products and services that they have produced? The advanced geoscience service has been producing what they refer as the state-of-the-art SuperSting Wi-Fi, PowerSting, PowerSting Nodes, MiniSting R1, and many more. It is without reason why this advanced geoscience is referred as the best as they are the leading developer and manufacturer for electrical resistivity and IP imaging.

As the leading developer and manufacturer of both hardware and software for electrical resistivity and IP imaging, they offer leading technical support, calibration and repair turn-around time, as well as rapid development of customized equipment anmd software. The resisitivity and IP imaging is used for geophysical survey, groundwater characterization (both 2D and 3D imaging alongside with tomography and ERT), depth to bedrock determination, lithology mapping, archaeological site investigation, landslide hazard mapping, and many more. The most common clients of advanced geoscience are usually farming and ranch owners where they have to have fresh water supply to water their plants and drink for their cattle and livestock.

In case you are wondering, the clients for the advanced geoscience is not only from US as the hardware and software of resisitivity and IP imaging has been delivered to all continents such as Canada, South America, Asia, and Europe. The application for resistivity and IP imaging is endless as it has been applied in government labs, universities, research institutions, mineral exploration companies, water drilling companies, and even environmental and engineering firms. If you still have doubts, the systems, software, and hardware offered by the advanced geoscience have been used and applied on theoritical research projects and there has been more than 700 peer reviewed journal articles published whihc utilize the resistivity and IP imaging.